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  16- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [02 of 19]
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  17- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad - Al-Hajj & Al-Balad [CD Quality Live Qiraat]
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  18- Nasheed - How can you Deny? By NBN [No Beats Necessary]
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Category: Main/High Quality Islamic Videos/Experiences of Islamic Converts/Islamic Reverts

· High Quality Convert DVD Videos (0)  convert sister
Brand new professionally produced videos of people who found their way to Islam (Six AMAZING stories of people who found the truth)


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  Revert from Atheist to Islam 
Revert from Atheist to Islam
Version: 4054 Filesize: 58.33 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1769
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  two Filipinas enters Islam in one day 
On Sunday, July 12, 2009, our sisters Cherry and Minda (Now Hanna and Sarah) have decided to enter the religion of Peace, ISLAM. please welcome our new sisters in faith. Allahu Akbar.
Version: 6466 Filesize: 47.96 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1436
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  Q&A session for non Muslims with Dr. Bilal Philips and Dr. Zakir Naik 
This was a special Q&A session held at the Journey of faith for our brothers in humanity giving them an opportunity to ask us any questions about ISLAM with two great scholars Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr Bilal Philips enjoy the video and share it with everyone and to learn more and to see more shows visit http://thedeenshow.com/
Version: 6449 Filesize: 332.77 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1520
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  Sister Erlina accepted Islam 
Alhamdulelah, last Sunday, 5th of July 2009, another Filipina sister declared her faith in Islam. It seems that Allah's guidance keep on descending on Filipinos. Allahu Akbar.
Version: 6437 Filesize: 22.18 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1486
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  Celebrities are coming to Islam!!! 
In this show we talk with a man who was searching for the truth and like many found all the evidence pointing towards Islam. Since then he has also helped many Celebrities get to know about Islam. Hope you enjoy the Show Please let all your friends and family know about TheDeenShow and to see more shows like this one visit www.TheDeenShow.om
Version: 6434 Filesize: 212.57 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1476
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  My Path to Islam - Glyn MacLean 
Glyn MacLean from New Zealand tells her story of how she came to Islam and how it affects her daily life
Version: 6422 Filesize: 182.29 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1546
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  Why I Embraced Islam - Mohammad Abdur Rahman 
How I came to Islam Episode 2 Talk by Mohammad Abdur Rahman (An Indian Muslim)
Version: 5305 Filesize: 140.66 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1473
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  Young sister taking Shahada 
A new young sister chosen Islam to be her way of life on Sunday Aug 31,2008. Allahu Akbar.
Version: 4356 Filesize: 5.75 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1643
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  Another Shahadah 
Mash a Allah, may Allah increase our numbers... another sister took her shahadah at Ammar mosque/Hong Kong last Sunday Aug 31, 2008... Allahu Akbar
Version: 4357 Filesize: 4.56 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1520
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  Sister Grace finds her way back 
On Sept 21, 2008 our sister (Grace, now Rahmah) came to Wanchai mosque Hong Kong and announced her declaration of faith in Islam, Alhamdulelah. The sister's father is a Muslim and her mother is a Christian who are separate... sister Rahma she was brought up by her mother but subhan Allah, she chose Islam to be her way of life. Allahu Akbar.
Version: 4757 Filesize: 7.64 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1575
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