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  1- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [01 of 19]
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  2- Mawlay Album
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  3- *Imam M. Zia's Quran Recitation* [external link]
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  4- 911 In Plane Site - Directors Cut [532mb]
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  5- The Danger of Black Magic & Possessing of the Jinns (Spirits and Devils)
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  6- Christian and Jew Accept Islam
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  7- Hindu to Muslim
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  8- Allah Knows [full version] by Zain Bhikha Video
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  9- 80% of the Words in The Quran [external]
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  10- 'In the Name of Allah' [album promo] by Kamal Uddin
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  11- Convert to Islam
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  12- German boy converts to islam
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  13- * High Quality Taraweeh VCDs
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  14- Ahmed Bukhatir - Zawjati [My wife]
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  16- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [02 of 19]
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  17- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad - Al-Hajj & Al-Balad [CD Quality Live Qiraat]
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  18- Nasheed - How can you Deny? By NBN [No Beats Necessary]
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  19- Ibrahim Asery Quran Recitation
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  20- Kamal Uddin 99 Names Of Allah
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Category: Main/High Quality Islamic Videos/Experiences of Islamic Converts/Islamic Reverts

· High Quality Convert DVD Videos (0)  convert sister
Brand new professionally produced videos of people who found their way to Islam (Six AMAZING stories of people who found the truth)


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  American Woman became Muslim on TVShow - Live 
American Woman becomes Muslim Live on TV
Version: 2888 Filesize: 50.30 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1327
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  New Muslimah Women's Rights in ISLAM 
New Muslimah Women's Rights in ISLAM
Version: 3928 Filesize: 16.51 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1328
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  The Future of Our Religion 4 of 13 
Dr.Tariq al Suwaidan with a Phd in Petrochemical Engineering is a strong speaker. In this lecture he gives us a glimpse of the Great Islamic history, our glorious past and the promise of Allah S.w.t of our bright future just around the corner if we wish it to be. He reminds us that Islam with its humble beginnings toppled the most powerful civilizations like the Persian, the Roman and the Abyssinians which took upto 1000 to 2000yrs to establish within a mere 2-3 yrs. He talks about what brought this into being and he also talks about the mistakes and weaknesses which brought upon us this downfall from that Glory and Insha Allah what we should do to get back to that status once again. The lecture is very inspirational as well as makes us feel inadequate as to what are we doing today for the revival of our Deen. Hope this sows in u a seed of hope and a need to strive to get back what we are entitled to. Insha Allah.
Version: 5779 Filesize: 57.76 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1329
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  Abdullah's Story 
Brother Abdullah's way to Islam
Version: 3916 Filesize: 27.98 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1330
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  Our way to Islam - Muslims in Australia 
Our way to Islam - Muslims in Australia
Version: 3889 Filesize: 15.71 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1332
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  Islam Spreading amongst Latino Americans 
Islam will enter every house in America
Version: 3914 Filesize: 15.89 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1335
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  Why Jorge Garcia accepted Islam? 
In this Show we talk to Jorge to find out why he chose Islam as his way of life and what was it about Islam that over took him and had him surrender and submit to the Creator of All. Open your mind and humble your heart and enjoy the Show.
Version: 3462 Filesize: 181.22 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1336
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  Good Deed by a Few Word - Anwar Al Awlaki ??? ????? ???? 
Part of Anwar Al Awlaki "The Life of Muhammad" series from AwakeningMedia. This is just a short story about the a guy who converted to Islam by drug addicted.
Version: 3697 Filesize: 36.51 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1337
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  From Jesus to Muhammad: A History of Early Christianity 
Did Jesus ever claim to be God? What kind of nature did Jesus have? Was Jesus Christ really crucified ? Who is God and Jesus in the Bible? Dr. Dirks is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. He holds a Master's degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver. Author of "The Cross and the Crescent: An Interfaith Dialogue between Christianity and Islam" (2001), and "Abraham: The Friend of God" (2002).He has published over 60 articles in the field of clinical psychology, and over 150 articles on Arabian horses. The Topic: From Jesus to Muhammad: A History of Early Christianity A talk by Dr Jerald Dirks
Version: 6078 Filesize: 58.34 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1338
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  From Atheism to Islam...A Must See!!!-part1 
A Japanese Girl Journey from Atheism to Islam .A young Japanese girl discovers Islam unexpectedly during her experiences in America. Seiju takes us step-by-step through her amazing transformation. To view the complete video please visit www.noora1.com
Version: 2344 Filesize: 63.52 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1344
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