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  1- Christian and Jew Accept Islam
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  3- Convert to Islam
  4- German boy converts to islam
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  1- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [01 of 19]
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  2- Mawlay Album
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  3- *Imam M. Zia's Quran Recitation* [external link]
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  4- 911 In Plane Site - Directors Cut [532mb]
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  5- The Danger of Black Magic & Possessing of the Jinns (Spirits and Devils)
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  6- Christian and Jew Accept Islam
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  7- Hindu to Muslim
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  8- Allah Knows [full version] by Zain Bhikha Video
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  9- 'In the Name of Allah' [album promo] by Kamal Uddin
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  10- 80% of the Words in The Quran [external]
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  11- Convert to Islam
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  12- German boy converts to islam
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  13- * High Quality Taraweeh VCDs
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  15- Ahmed Bukhatir - Zawjati [My wife]
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  16- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [02 of 19]
[Downloads: 16455 x]
  17- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad - Al-Hajj & Al-Balad [CD Quality Live Qiraat]
[Downloads: 15388 x]
  18- Nasheed - How can you Deny? By NBN [No Beats Necessary]
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  19- Ibrahim Asery Quran Recitation
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  20- Kamal Uddin 99 Names Of Allah
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Category: Main/High Quality Islamic Videos/Experiences of Islamic Converts/Islamic Reverts

· High Quality Convert DVD Videos (0)  convert sister
Brand new professionally produced videos of people who found their way to Islam (Six AMAZING stories of people who found the truth)


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  (English) Lia Rojas story of Islam (New Muslim) 
(English) Lia Rojas story of Islam (New Muslim)
Version: 3826 Filesize: 50.67 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1584 Rating: 5.0 (1 Vote)
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  Path to Islam Sr Tayyibah Taylor 
Sister Tayyibah Taylor originally from Barbados tells Voice of Isalm TV her story and path to Islam
Version: 5266 Filesize: 82.39 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1584
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  How I came to Islam - Daniel Hakim Boey 
How I came to Islam Episode 3 Talk by Daniel Hakim Boey
Version: 5313 Filesize: 139.44 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1580
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  Scott - the 13 year old Revert 
Interview with a new muslim revert by his friend
Version: 2503 Filesize: 32.49 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1578
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  Young Convert in the UK - Documentary Video 
Documentary Film showing a very Young Convert in the UK.
Version: 1858 Filesize: 187.53 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1560
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Version: 3825 Filesize: 5.52 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1552
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  Kiwi & Muslim Tyrone Smith 
Maori ex gangster tells Voice of Islam TV what moved him to Islam
Version: 5271 Filesize: 168.48 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1538
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  Why did he convert to Islam 
Why did he convert to Islam
Version: 3930 Filesize: 29.87 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1532
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  My Path to Islam Marissa 
Philipino sister tells Voice of Islam TV her story of how she cane from Christianity to Islam
Version: 5268 Filesize: 72.57 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1531
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  Why Stanley chose Islam 
Brother Stanley is a convert to Islam, he decided to look into the three Abrahamic faiths in a personal quest for the truth. After an in-depth study and reading the Quran, he decided to accept the final revelation of the ONE true God./n[Quran 2:163] And your god is one God. There is no deity [worthy of worship] except Him, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful./n[Quran 2:284] To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Whether you show what is within yourselves or conceal it, Allah will bring you to account for it. Then He will forgive whom He wills and punish whom He wills, and Allah is over all things competent.
Version: 3465 Filesize: 221.48 MB
Added on: 09-Aug-2009 Downloads: 1530
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