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  4- German boy converts to islam
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  1- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [01 of 19]
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  2- Mawlay Album
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  3- *Imam M. Zia's Quran Recitation* [external link]
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  4- 911 In Plane Site - Directors Cut [532mb]
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  5- The Danger of Black Magic & Possessing of the Jinns (Spirits and Devils)
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  6- Christian and Jew Accept Islam
[Downloads: 20692 x]
  7- Hindu to Muslim
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  8- Allah Knows [full version] by Zain Bhikha Video
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  9- * High Quality Taraweeh VCDs
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  10- German boy converts to islam
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  11- Convert to Islam
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  12- 80% of the Words in The Quran [external]
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  14- 'In the Name of Allah' [album promo] by Kamal Uddin
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  15- Taraweeh Prayers from Makkah [VCD] [02 of 19]
[Downloads: 12201 x]
  16- Nasheed - How can you Deny? By NBN [No Beats Necessary]
[Downloads: 11665 x]
  17- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad - Al-Hajj & Al-Balad [CD Quality Live Qiraat]
[Downloads: 11664 x]
  18- Ahmed Bukhatir - Zawjati [My wife]
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  19- Kamal Uddin 99 Names Of Allah
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  20- Ibrahim Asery Quran Recitation
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  Da'ee Ahmad Moait - Islam in Crisis [wmv]  Popular
Description: Islam in Crisis
ISLAM IN CRISIS - A must see powerful talk by Da'ee Ahmed Moait. He strengthens renews and refirms your faith in Allah and his messenger by telling you to hold strong to your deen and do not falter. A sincere message from the heart. 30mins in length. For more information visit Noor Allah Productions/
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Added on: 31-Jan-2006 Downloads: 5543 Rating: 8.0 (7 Votes)
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  Embracing Islam for Allah "Shahaadah" [wmv] 
Are you a Muslim? Did you take your Shahaadah (declaration of faith)? This video may make you question your faith and what you really believe. It is a must see for both Muslims and non-Muslims.
Duration: 1hr 44mins
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Added on: 31-Jan-2006 Downloads: 2725 Rating: 6.0 (2 Votes)
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  Thought and Food for the Soul [wmv] 
Who's hungry!? We have your nourishment right here. Dig right into this spiritual feast, remember, it just might be a mouthful.
Duration: 2hrs 1min
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Added on: 31-Jan-2006 Downloads: 1934 Rating: 10.0 (1 Vote)
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  Where are We Going? Questions & Answers on Islam [wmv] 
Be patient when you are watching these videos. Be patient and ask for Allah's guidance. And keep watching, and inshaAllah you will learn something. And that is sincerity. Recommended by admin
Duration: 2hrs 4mins
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Added on: 31-Jan-2006 Downloads: 2174
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