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Total of 5 comments

User: Rating: 10October 29, 2007
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4786
alhamdulillah, one of the best rebuttle of the biased broadcasting ever. may allah guide mr galloway towards islam.

User: Rating: 10January 20, 2007
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4786
May Allah increase Galloway in wisdom. This is on of the most powerfull interview on the behalf of oppressed Muslims in the Middle East.

User: Rating: 9November 1, 2006
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4786
Salam to you all, it appears from this video that no matter where we live or come from , the truth is always simple and clear for who wants to see. thank u for M. Galloway for his interview and hope that people that are not aware of the situation in lebanon and palestine and all muslims or non muslims occupied countries are less biased than before. Salam from france to you all

User: Rating: 10October 18, 2006
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4786
i wish God give him more wisdom and light to the right path of islam.

User: Rating: 10August 15, 2006
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4786
Assalaam Alaikum, Good to hear someone speaking the truth in this dirty war, targeted at Lebanon and its citizens.

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