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Total of 2 comments

User: Rating: 10August 9, 2011
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4789
the well-versed,noble price physicist "Albert Einstein" says:science without religion is blind, and religion without science is lame. meaning the religion and science are inseparable twins but religion explain science. the account of embryology in the holy Qur'an is a phenomenon that is fully explained in the Surat almominun & hajj. the miraculous nature of the Qur'an has made the world of galaxies of anatomist in to a new research. prof Keith Moore on his comment about the embryo logic data mentioned in the QUR'AN is of great surprised, saying............there some verses that he cant comment on them due to there deep explanation but as research is proceed the fact will be totally understood. i will like to give some references for more explanation: 1-the QUR'AN and modern science. by a famous notable french surgeon MAURICE BUCAILLE. 2=THE QUR'AN AND THE BIBLE IN THE LIGHT OF SCIENCE AND HISTORY. by zakir naik. i will like to closed my comment by saying "AL QUR'AN IS THE BOOK OF SIGNS{i.e verses}NOT THE BOOK OF SCIENCE,BUT THERE ARE OVER 1000 VERSES OF THE QUR'AN THAT SPOKES ABOUT SCIENCE.

User: Rating: 2April 9, 2010
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 4789
he doesn't give examples of the specific scientific evidence that changes his way of thinking from an unbeliever to a believer which is what I was expecting. MashaaAllah his passion is strong but maybe the title is not so appropriate.

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