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 Verily, the Victory of All�h is Near

Download this entire book in PDF Format.

This article is in PDF format. To download, right click on the link below and select "SAVE TARGET AS" from the menu. Choose a folder on your hard drive to download to and click "OK".

Download PDF File Here

NOTE: You will need Acrobat Reader to view the article. You can download a free version from www.adobe.com.
ALSO: If you have difficulty viewing the Arabic in this PDF, you will need to download this font (and save it to your Windows Font folders)

From the Translator:

As-Sal�mu 'Alaykum wa Rahm�t-All�hi wa Barak�tuh.

Verily, all praise is due to All�h and may the Peace and Blessings of All�h be upon His Servant and Messenger, Muhammad Ibn 'Abdill�h.

The attached document is our translation of the Book 'Ala Ina Nusrah�lee Qar�b' or 'Verily, the Victory of All�h is Near', from the virtuous Shaykh Sulaym�n bin N�sir Al-'Ulw�n, may All�h preserve him.

We have selected this book for translation because of some of the defeatist and apologetic mentalities, manifesting themselves within the Western Muslims, which have resulted from the current state of affairs our Ummah faces. This book addresses several topical and current issues; however, its basic message is for the Muslim upon Tawh�d to always be conscious that All�h has promised victory to this Ummah and a humiliating defeat to its enemies and even if this does not occur in our lifetimes, we must remember that this promise will indeed come to pass.  So the Shaykh outlines some common points raised by many Muslims today and draws connections between the attainment of this promise of All�h, to those who support His D�n, as well as some other observations and clarifications.

So we ask All�h, the Most High, to grant some benefit in the reading of this material from the Western English-speaking Muslims and we give full permission to post this book on any website, publish it from any publication company or forward it via email or printed text to any organisation, institution, website, foundation or Islamic Centre one wishes to send it to, as long as the book is not altered or quoted from selectively or otherwise obscured. And we would like to remind the Muslim youth, when reading this book, to keep in mind your brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, and all the places on the land where people are being killed and slaughtered due to the same Tawh�d that exists in their hearts.

And All�h, the Most High, is the Source of Strength.


Wa-Sal�mu 'Alaykum

Ab� Huthayfah Y�suf al-Kanad�

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Source: SunnahOnline

  Posted on Tuesday, November 01 @ 15:21:45 UTC by abdunoor
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