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Shebab Daiya - Life in the Promised Land - Palestine

From the administrator: I have left Islam.
Click to find out why

documentary film with real footage from palestine, house demolitions, running from israeli tanks, random shooting, defying the curfew, interview with palestinians. The film was compiled from footage shot by European activists working in Palestine August 2002 to February 2003. During this period the West Bank and Gaza Strip suffered multiple invasions and a constant state of occupation by the Israeli Army.

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Last 10 comments
  • Slm I am happy ti islam is my religioun
  • Slm I am happy ti islam is my religioun
  • Jerry Drummond


    Muster ye not on the field today
    for the horn that blows
    will blow what may
    and them that bleat for booty and play
    cast ever anon for glory and pray

    They drink their bitters
    and bitterly trace
    foes unconquered
    and each friend's lost face
    in slights imagined
    they presume lost grace
    where none intended
    and none defaced

    Sail not ye into
    Their long lost battle
    o'er digits insult
    and punk's mean prattle

    For life lies not upon the field
    in death's cold pose
    and hate's hot steel

    Tarry a day
    and taste your mead
    in babe's sweet arms
    and love's warm yield
  • it is a nice documentary, i think tis will help to awake all the muslims those who are still sleeping
  • gud
  • all islamic people are proude of you and me to!
  • I bought the DVDs from this site and this documentary was included. My eyes could not bereave what I saw last night on this documentary. Where are the MUSLIM PEOPLE? WHERE ARE HUMANS WITH HART. Children, innocent men and women are being killed every minute. Media does not show innocent people being killed and driven out of their homes. IT IS UP TO US MUSLIMS TO WHAT IS RIGHT. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT????
    Thank to lightuponlight showing us what media hid from us.
  • you say its free to downlowd nazams then u say we hav tu pay ,lay it down plain and simple , you will get more customers
  • The Army is coming kid hold on :'(
  • A wonderful video that the world must watch. Why the violence?
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