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911 In Plane Site - Directors Cut [532mb]

From the administrator: I have left Islam.
Click to find out why

(this file is not streamable - you have to click below to watch it or save it to your disk) - it says "open in new window" (link below)
Very interesting documentary that discusses the following issues. Did a plane hit the Pentagon? Photographic evidence suggests not Did explosives collapse the World Trade Center Fire fighters tell the real story Were explosives aboard United Airlines Flight 175? Examination and video analysis frame-by-frame Bombs in New York City On-the-scene reporters tell their amazing story Did George Bush lie to us about September 11th? Some revealing facts about the President Video & photographic evidence of a cover-up Examine the evidence

Open in new Player (right click and choose "Save As" to download it)

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  • Salaam,my conyribution is let's put it in our mind that we are in a situation that we can only say Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihin Raji'un.May Allah makes the leaders to be to be trustfull and obediance to his rules and regulation amin.And we the followers to be obedient to the orthority.
  • AssalamuAlaikum
    I would like to make a small donation. Kindly let me know if i can send a bank draft.
  • very good vedio
  • Why not a word what is happening to women in Swat valley (Pakistan), Afghanistan and most of the Muslim countries. Muslims can never live or let others live in peace and always blame others for their problems where as root cause of their problems is their thinking and backwardness.
    Muslim in majority dont permit minority to exist, where they are in minority, they resort to terrorism. Where only muslims are there, they fight among themselves. All Muslims need to learn is- Respect to other religions and The Tehzeeb of peaceful co-existense. Otherwise they will remain where they are - AT THE BOTTOM, HATED BY ALL!!
  • Salaam. Only Allah can reward you for a job well done, may He reward you bountifully. Bissalam
  • i am from india to see this vedeo
  • let me watch this vedio i think it will be grt
  • May Allah give u place in bliss!
    there is little abt kashmir ........
  • hfg
  • great
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