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Download Profile: THE ULTIMATE DAWAH COURSE Characteristics of... - 2nd Video

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In this video:/nCharacteristics of the caller by Murtaza Khan Women's Issues by Bilal Philips/nHave you ever wanted to give dawah to your non-Muslim friends but didn't know where to start? Has Islam ever been attacked in your presence without you being able to defend it? Have you ever dreaded being asked about Islam & polygamy, arranged marriages, Hijaab ..... or questions such as "Was Islam spread by the sword"?, "If God is good then why did he create evil"?, "Why are two female witnesses equal to one male witness in Islam"?. If the answer to any of these questions is YES then the Ultimate Dawah Course may be what you have been looking for!/nTake a seat with Bilal Philips who will take you through the A-Z of giving dawah including how to answer some of the most difficult questions that can be thrown at you. Bilal Philips is one of the most active and well known speakers around the world having written many books encompassing a wide spectrum of Islamic subjects. He is a very experienced Daee through whom, during the first Gulf War, Allah guided hundreds of foreign troops to Islam. Also included in this dawah course are many revert stories including that of Bilal Philips./nThis Dawah course is normally taught at the Qatar Guest Centre for Islamic Information and we are able to provide you with their detailed and extensive set of course notes with questions, assignments and exercises. Please download these notes from our website: www.ahlussunnah.net

Author: Yusuf Estes
Version: 6594 Filesize: 555.67 MB

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