I have left Islam. Find out why
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 :: Abdullah Sameer

Nasheed - How can you Deny? By NBN [No Beats Necessary]

From the administrator: I have left Islam.
Click to find out why

Nasheed in english

Open in new Player (right click and choose "Save As" to download it)

Last 10 comments
  • all i can say is WOW. Im just exploring Islam and came across this music and WOW!!!
  • dsf
  • i reallllyyyyyyy like the nasheed how can you deny? its so pure
    no heavy banging music in the background, there should be more artist like these talented individuals, Could any one suggest where i could download this from as i want it on my phone
    jazakumallah khair
  • i have to be honest,i didnt have a chance of hearing the truck properly coz of my my internet.its too slow but i have to say the nasheed promise to be a good one.mashallah.how can i download it?is it free?
  • dear brother,mashallah may allah put baraka in what you do,ameen. I have a problem,I cannot save any of your nasheeds,they down download,please inshaallah can you tell me what to do.
  • Well basically you just right click on it and then click save as target.
    But thats not working.
    So i say dont waste your time here... Find it somwhere else
  • Salam alaykum.
    dear brothers n sisters,
    if you want to order the album, you can mail to [email protected]
    or simply go to the website

    piracy is not islamic i guess, Allahu'aalim
  • salaams, i would like to download this nasheed called how can u deny, but it would not let me, so plz can you tell me how to do it.
  • slmz i need help downloding i do not understand how to download files from this site where must the curser be pointing over for me to righ click and save
  • salam
    i really like your nasheeds but i dont understand how im meant to download them because it down let me.
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